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There are over 25,000 mental health professionals in Los Angeles. One
effective means of reaching your optimal referrer is through direct mail
advertising. We offer business mailing lists from our master database of
mental health professionals in Los Angeles county.


We can print a set of address labels from our master database for you to
affix to your own direct-mail advertising piece, such as a letter, postcard,
or flier.

Mailing lists are printed on white 1 x 2 5/8" size, Avery type, self-adhesive
labels, 30 labels per sheet, using 10-point Times Roman font. Labels can be
selected by city, zip code, discipline, etc. Labels can be sorted
alphabetically, by city, or by zip code. All printed labels are rented for one
time use only. For duplicate sets or unlimited usage, call for details.

Sorry, we do not sell e-mail addresses.

Computer Diskettes

We also offer lists on unlimited-use CD-ROM or or digital file delivered via
e-mail. You must specify the format you can import:

Comma-delimited ASCII
Tab-delimited ASCII
Dbase IV
xls Excel 97 or 5.0
xltx Excel 2007

Custom Services

Custom services are available, including unusual label sizes or colors, special
fonts (like "handwritten"), matching phone lists, mail-merge letters, etc. Call
for quote.

Database Parameters

Mailing lists are generated from records obtained from public information
sources, including the California Department of Consumer Affairs, containing
the address of record for Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed
Clinical Social Workers, Licensed Psychologists, Psychiatrists, and
pre-licensed registrants, in Los Angeles County.


Every item we sell will give you complete satisfaction or you may return it
for a full refund.

Expect an approximate 2-5% undeliverable rate, as clinicians change offices
all the time. We guarantee label accuracy by paying back to you double the
per-address fee for each address label returned by the post office due to
"forwarding order expired" or "undeliverable as addressed" status. We
request that this refund offer on returned labels be redeemed within 120
days of purchase by submitting to us the returned mailing label or envelope.
We must have the labels because we use them to update the master
database. This refund offer is available only once on a multi-use disc or file
because list accuracy degrades significantly over time as the list ages.

We cannot assure that lists are complete for any geographic region.


Current Pricing on Single-Use Labels

@ 6˘ per label 10,000+ mental health professionals
@ 7˘ per label 3000-9999 mental health professionals
@ 9˘ per label 1000-2999 mental health professionals
@ 11˘ per label 500-999 mental health professionals 
@ 15˘ per label 250-499 mental health professionals

10% discount on orders of additional sets of the same labels purchased at
the same time; see our guarantee below for additional savings.  For labels,
call for a current count of addresses you are requesting, and allow three
weeks for delivery. Unlimited-use diskette pricing is 50% higher.

This information is subject to change without notice.

Updated 08/13/11.
Business Mailing Lists