Business Seminars & Consultation
for Mental Health Professionals
Seminar Format

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Alternate Fridays, 9-10:30 a.m.
138 N. Brand Blvd., Ste. 300, Glendale
(818) 551-1714

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Register for one session, all sessions, or just those sessions
which address your needs and interests.

Our format is a biweekly 90-minute facilitated small group discussion on
selected topics. You may register for one session, all sessions, or just
those sessions that address your needs and interests.

See the schedule below for topics and dates.

No CEU's are permitted for these events, because regulatory agencies
do not recognize business education as a part of professional

Sessions with insufficient enrollment will be cancelled at the discretion
of the consultant, with prior notice and with a full refund.

Session Topics (See Brochure for Dates)

Telehealth Services
Designing, Advertising, & Launching Therapy Groups
Building a Solo Practice Website: Where Do I Start?
Incoming! Turning Inquiries into First Appointments
Financial Agreements & Our Sensitivities About Money
Advertising by US Mail with Vistaprint
Effective Networking for Shy People at In-Person Events
E-Mail Marketing: How Not To Spam, Spam, Spam
Do's and Don't's of Brochures & Fliers
Create Your Directory Profile

Reservations and Payment

Download Business Seminar Registration Form Here

Seating is limited. First come, first served. We will reserve your seat
upon receipt of the following:

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Payment Options

Standard Option - Tuition for each session is $50.
Bundle Discount - Pre-pay $120 tuition for 3 sessions.
Group Discount - Pre-pay $120 tuition for three people.

Pay by cash, check, or credit card. Make checks payable to "Jim De
Santis." Make credit card payments online using PayPal by clicking on
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Checks made payable to Jim De Santis, Ph.D., can be mailed to Jim De
Santis, Ph.D., 138 N. Brand Blvd., Ste. 300, Glendale, CA 91203.

For questions or further information, contact Jim De Santis, by phone
at (818) 551-1714 or E-Mail at

The 60-Second Self-Test

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Our seminar is appropriate for those who are:

Pre-licensed and under supervision.
Recently licensed and wanting to enter practice.
Relocating to a new geographic area.
Re-entering private practice after time away.
Shifting from the public sector to private practice.
Want to expand from part-time to full-time.
Want to increase net practice income.
Want to change the mix of clients.
Want to reduce dependence on insurance.

What Professionals Are Saying

"Thought-provoking." "Expanded my horizons." "Helped me think more
flexibly and playfully about business." "I enjoyed the balance of
practical information and philosophy-centered discussion." "His
suggestions are awesome." "Directly applicable and just all-around

"Kept me focused, challenged, and inspired." "I always leave uplifted."
"I enjoyed his personality and presentation style, too." "Humor, upbeat,
personal good vibe."

"This was very helpful in developing my identity as a business woman. I
feel much more confident about running and managing my practice as
a result."

"It is the kick in the pants I have been needing!" "I really enjoyed this,
would recommend it to others, and have done so."

"For those of us who were never aware, we now hear the opportunity
when it arises, and it arises everywhere."

About the Consultant

Jim De Santis, Ph.D., earned his bachelors degree in psychology from
the University of Southern California, magna cum laude, Phi Beta
Kappa, and his masters and doctoral degrees in psychology from the
California School of Professional Psychology. He has been licensed as a
psychologist for twenty-nine years and is a life issues consultant in
full-time independent private practice.

Dr. De Santis is president of the Glendale Area Mental Health
Professionals Association and the East San Gabriel Valley Mental Health
Professionals Association. He is publisher of The Group List and The
Assessment List. He has authored two books on the subject of
marketing. He has given lectures and run workshops on business &
marketing to mental health professionals for fifteen years.

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The Business of Mental Health

Like it or not, your private practice is a business. Unfortunately, small
businesses fail at a phenomenal rate every year.

Today's mental health professional faces the challenges of an
increasingly competitive marketplace and potential changes coming in
health care legislation. Plus, the isolation of practice can feed inertia
about growing a profitable business.

Historically, professionals were prohibited by the traditional canon of
ethics from advertising and other forms of self-promotion available to
most other business ventures. Too often, our graduate education did
not cover how to develop a private practice at all, so it's probably
fairly easy to do better at marketing than most of your colleagues.

Many methods of business development are available to the
professional that are not only effective but also adhere to the highest
ethical principles, cultivate collegial respect, preserve clinical
autonomy, and increase patient access to quality care.

Your business can thrive when built upon proven principles, innovation,
and persistent goal-directed activity. Success requires formulating
business goals, identifying profit centers and target markets, assessing
competitors, articulating your unique message, and designing ethical,
effective promotional strategy. Why just guess?

The enlightened entrepreneur seeks to satisfy real human needs by
offering products and services of genuine value. So does the
enlightened therapist. The best business agenda maximizes not only
profit and financial security but also professional fulfillment and a sense
of well-being.

Individualized Business Consultation

If you are a self-starter, already have experience in business and
marketing, or when affordability is a concern, the most flexible
approach is individual coaching on a per session, as needed basis.
After an initial in-person meeting, intermittent or periodic consultation
can be arranged by appointment or via telephone or e-mail. Feedback
from your consultant helps you refine your marketing strategy and
develop innovative marketing activities.

To arrange a private customized individual or small group consultation,
contact Dr. De Santis by phone at (818) 551-1714 or E-Mail.