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Business success depends, in part, on maintaining a positive attitude--with
business associates, customers, and employees. Here are seven sure ways
of demonstrating a positive attitude at work.

1. Be conscientious. Show you can be depended on to complete projects
with quality in a timely way without reminders.

2. Be respectful. Give people the same courtesy you would like given to

3. Be honest. Admit mistakes and correct them quickly. Ask for help if you
need it. Be direct about it.

4. Be cooperative. Be a "team-player" with colleagues and clients. Listen to
others. Treat conflict as a challenge. Offer help where it's needed.

5. Be flexible. Accept new challenges with a smile. Upgrade your skills to
adapt to changing customer needs. Think creatively.

6. Offer solutions. Be optimistic--whenever you identify a problem, try
offering a constructive solution with it.

7. Work hard. Show enthusiasm by setting ambitious goals. Be productive
by using your work hours wisely. Take pride in a job well done.
Putting a Positive Attitude to Work